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At DreamGast we strive to make eye-catching, alternative clothing that regularly draws inspiration from pop-culture & old-school nostalgia. We design our clothing with Fashion in mind First, Pop-Culture / Retro feelz Second to ensure the designs always speak for themselves, keeping any cultural references very subtle. Our favorite story from customers is when they tell us that they bought a shirt because they loved the design, only to discover months later while reading a book, playing a game or watching an old movie that they discovered a subtle pop-culture reference hidden in the design!

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subtlety Is Key

In the beginning we found ourselves shopping for alternative clothing in stores such as Hot Topic, H&M, Aéropostale, Pac Sun, Zumiez etc and we kept seeing the same thing.. No really, they were all selling the same Nasa, Naruto, Nickelodeon, Biggie / 2Pak, Rick & Morty and Band Tees. 

It was like all at once these big brands decided to shamelessly cash-in on their nostalgic leverage.

Now we’re suckers for alt. retro pop-culture vibes as much as anyone else. However, we think there is a better balance to be struck. By focusing on style first, we feel like we have developed a much more unique & subtle look for embracing that alternative retro look we love so much.

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